Super Greens Soup with Lemon-Tarragon CreamFromVegetarian Essentials
This vibrant, super greens soup is packed with veggies and finished with a bright, lemon-tarragon cream.
Drunken BeansFromMexican Mole and Drunken Beans
Cooking beans with beer and bacon can deliver results as full-flavored and satisfying as a rich stew—or it can lead to a p...
Tuscan-Style Beef StewFromWhy Not Add Wine?
In this simple yet rich stew, just two ingredients—Chianti and black pepper—provide most of the complexity. But when you a...
Spanish Chilled Almond and Garlic SoupFromIntroducing Caldo Verde and White Gazpacho
Think you know gazpacho? Meet its rich and creamy—but still light—predecessor.
Carrot-Ginger SoupFromSpa Cuisine Gets a Makeover
For a soup that tastes like its namesakes, use two forms of carrot and two forms of ginger.
Vietnamese Beef PhoFromSoutheast Asian Specialties
To make this one-pot meal at home, we’d need to figure out a way to build a broth as clear and beefy as the South Asian o...
French-Style Pork StewFromFrench-Style Dutch Oven Dinners
We wanted a stew with lots of pork flavor but without a lot of heaviness. Could a traditional French recipe pave the way?
Cauliflower SoupFromLet’s Start with Soup
The secret to the best-tasting cauliflower soup you’ve ever eaten? Undercook some of the cauliflower—and overcook the rest.
Best Chicken StewFromComfort Food Revisited
Everyone knows that when it comes to making stew, beef is king. Everyone is wrong.
Caldo VerdeFromIntroducing Caldo Verde and White Gazpacho
Everything about this classic Portuguese soup, from the smoky sausage to the tender potatoes and greens, is hearty and sat...
Hearty Spanish-Style Lentil and Chorizo SoupFromHearty Spanish and Italian Soups, Revamped
To achieve authentically deep, complex flavor in this hearty soup, we had to turn down the flame.
Modern Beef BurgundyFromMeat and Potatoes with Panache
Most recipes for this French classic require you to stand at the stove tediously batch-­searing beef and sautéing vegetabl...
Wild Rice and Mushroom SoupFromLet’s Start with Soup
For a rich, earthy, nutty-tasting soup, we had to figure out how to make its signature ingredients do more than just add b...
Spanish-Style Toasted Pasta with ShrimpFromA Taste of Spain
Fideuà, a rich seafood paella made with toasted noodles instead of rice, would be a tempting one-pot meal—if only it didn’...
Slow-Cooker Old-Fashioned Chicken Noodle SoupFromSlow-Cooker Revolution
Making a slow-cooker chicken noodle soup with a deep, satisfying flavor requires a few tricks.
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