Season 1

  • Role of Fat

    From Perfect Pork

    Why is fat important for flavor?

  • Tasting Taste

    From Tomato Sauces for Pasta

    In our tomato sauce, we're looking for nice mix of tastes: acid plus sweet, with some salt and sour in there, too. So how does this phenomenon work? How do you taste tastes?

  • Baking Soda 101

    From Cookie Jar Classics

    How does baking soda work and how should I use it?

  • Protein in Flour

    From The Perfect All-Purpose Cake

    Does the protein content in flour really matter?

  • Garlic’s Changing Flavor

    From Sunday Dinner

    How do you make sure you always get the strong (or more subtle) garlic flavor you need?

  • White vs. Dark Meat

    From Great Roast Chicken

    Why does it take longer for chicken or turkey’s dark meat to cook than the white meat?

  • Fish Fat

    From How to Cook Salmon

    Why is fish flaky and why is it good for me?

  • Understanding Egg Science

    From Cooking Eggs

    What do I need to know to properly cook eggs?

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