Season 2

  • Gelatin 101

    From Chilled Summer Puddings

    What is gelatin, how does it work, and how should it be prepared?

  • Egg Whites 101

    From Chocolate Desserts

    What’s the best way to whip egg whites?

  • Aging Beef

    From Christmas Dinner

    What’s the point of aging beef and can I do it at home?

  • Fond and Pan Sauces

    From Chicken Cutlets 101

    What is fond and what role does it play in flavoring pan sauces?

  • Making Whipped Cream

    From Diner Pies

    What are the Test Kitchen's tips for making whipped cream?

  • Flaky vs. Short Pie Dough

    From Apple Pies

    What’s the difference between short and flaky dough and what’s the secret to making a flaky crust?

  • Marinating Beef

    From Middle Eastern Barbeque

    Do marinades work?

  • Resting Meat

    From Fajitas and Margaritas

    Why should I allow meat to rest before serving?

  • Maximizing Chocolate Flavor

    From Bar Cookies

    How can I get the most chocolate flavor in my baked goods?

  • Garlic Flavor

    From Shrimp Classics

    How do different preparation methods affect the flavor of garlic?

  • Starch Science

    From Peach Pie

    We break down the science of starch.

  • Storing Potatoes

    From Steak Frites

    What's the best way to store potatoes?

  • Domed Hamburgers

    From All-American Cookout

    Why do my hamburgers puff up in the middle when I cook them?

  • Eggs and Acid

    From Two French Tarts

    How does acid affect the behavior of eggs' in cooking applications?

  • Thickening Key Lime Pie

    From Diner Pies

    How does key lime pie filling thicken without cooking?

  • Mayonnaise Emulsification

    From Simple Sandwiches

    What is the science of emulsification, and how do you sustain one?

  • Potato Varieties

    From Winter Dinner

    How do I choose the right potato for my recipe?

  • Discolored Potatoes

    From Christmas Dinner

    Why do potatoes turn brown when cut? Is there any way to prevent the discoloration?

  • Frying Oil 101

    From Fried Chicken and 'Fixens

    How do I reuse deep-frying oil? Why is peanut oil the best deep-frying oil?

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