Season 6

  • Yeast Types

    From Grilled Pizza

    Can you sort out yeast label confusion? And can they be substituted for each other?

  • Beans on Acid—Legumes and Levels of pH

    From American Classics

    If the acidity levels aren't right, even hours of cooking won't soften beans.

  • How Does Braising Work?

    From Classic Italian Dishes

    We set out to devise a series of experiments that would explain the mystery of braising.

  • Gauging Softness of Butter

    From German Chocolate Cake

    To cream butter for cookies or cakes, the butter must be brought to cool room temperature.

  • Convection Ovens

    From Cookies

    We decided to make a dozen of our recipes using both the convection setting and the regular bake setting.

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