Season 7

  • Taming Peppercorn Heat

    From Meat and Potatoes for Company

    Test-kitchen staffers with more sensitive palates were relieved to learn that the pungent heat of black peppercorns can be mellowed by a brief simmer in oil. But we were curious as to the cause.

  • Scrambled Eggs

    From Hearty Eggs for Breakfast

    How do scrambled eggs work? Can you salt them ahead of time? How can you keep them from becoming watery and weepy?

  • Evaporated and Condensed Milk

    From Favorite Citrus Desserts

    What is the difference between evaporated and condensed milk? Do I have to worry about curdling? What can I do if I don't have condensed milk at home?

  • Microwave Power

    From Best Beef Stew

    Do all microwaves cook at the same rate?

  • Heavy Cream versus Whipping Cream

    From Strawberry Cream Cake

    We set out to purchase a pint of whipping cream and a pint of heavy cream, whip them up, and assess their performance in five categories.

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