Season 9

  • Souffles

    From A Grand, Sweet Finale

    How do souffles get their dramatic rise?

  • In Search of Glutamates

    From Soups of the Day

    What makes savory foods taste meaty?

  • Bacteria on Board

    From Holiday Ham and Biscuits

    Does any cutting board—wood, plastic, composite, or bamboo—harbor less bacteria?

  • Panades

    From Perfecting Pasta Sauces

    What is a panade and what do you use it for?

  • Brining Beans

    From Soups of the Day

    Why does soaking dried beans in salted water make them cook up with softer skins?

  • Twin Stabilizers—Sugar and Cornstarch

    From French Country Cooking

    We wanted meringue cookies that were less sweet than the traditional kind, but when we cut back on sugar, our cookies collapsed in the oven. What was going on?

  • Goodbye to Gumminess

    From Old-Fashioned Snack Cakes

    How did we produce oatmeal cake with a moist yet crumbly texture?

  • Mashed Potatoes

    From One Great Thanksgiving

    How did we produce creamy and smooth mashed potatoes?

  • Salting Meat

    From Resurrecting the Roast Beef Dinner

    Almost everyone has heard of brining and salting meat to produce juicy meat, but how exactly do these techniques work?

  • Kneading and Autolysis

    From Breadmaking, Simplified

    How did we produce superior bread without much kneading?

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