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About our Sponsors

Thank you to our public television sponsors for making America's Test Kitchen possible! For information on how your brand can become a national sponsor of America's Test Kitchen, please contact us at



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Sur La Table

Sur La Table

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Why we have sponsors

We are thankful to the sponsors of our public television series, who make it possible for us to bring you the America’s Test Kitchen series. Their financial support covers the costs of filming, editing, and distributing the series to your local public television station.

FTC rules prohibit Cook’s Illustrated from sponsoring, or in any way funding, the filming, editing, and distribution of a public television series based on the concepts of Cook’s Illustrated. Therefore, the only way that America’s Test Kitchen can be produced is through the support of public television sponsors who are willing to cover these costs.

Your financial support of your local public television station helps to allow your local station to carry the America’s Test Kitchen series and other programming. However, the direct production costs for the series (filming, editing, and distribution to your local television station) are covered by our sponsors.

For more information on how you can sponsor America's Test Kitchen, please email us here.