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The Best Wine Clubs

Should you join a wine club or gift someone a wine subscription? Our editors and guest sommeliers tasted and evaluated dozens of wines to find out.


Published Jan. 10, 2024.

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What You Need To Know

The best wine subscription services (popularly known as “wine clubs”) allow wine enthusiasts of all knowledge levels to learn about and try new wines without setting foot in a store. We dug through a crowded market of online options to find and evaluate several clubs, identifying two winners. Wine Folly Club offers monthly deliveries of sommelier-selected wines accompanied by in-depth educational videos. The Wine Access Discovery Club delivers sommelier-chosen wines quarterly. Both companies transparently source high-quality wines, deliver top-notch wine education resources, and provide responsive and efficient customer service. Both would make great gifts for a loved one or for yourself.

What You Need to Know

Wine subscription services are designed to bring the wide world of wine right to your doorstep. They’re meant to eliminate the hassle (and potential intimidation) of buying wine in person. Subscribers sign up online and can usually customize shipments by the types of wines (red, white, or mixed) or number of bottles. Most clubs deliver monthly, while a few ship every two months or quarterly. Many subscriptions allow users to pause and restart shipments. Some clubs conveniently let subscribers choose their exact shipping dates. 

We focused our review on clubs that ship to large portions of the country and offer a wide selection of wines. We included popular subscription services and clubs our readers have asked us about. We were looking for clubs that strive for transparency in sourcing (more on this later) and make it their mission to educate and excite subscribers by expertly selecting wines and shipping them thoughtfully. We received one shipment from each club, and we worked with sommeliers Maryse Chevriere (author of Grasping the Grape [2019]) and Lauren Friel (owner of Rebel Rebel, a James Beard Award–winning wine bar in Somerville, Massachusetts) to taste and evaluate the included wines. 

What to Look For

  • Sommelier-Selected Wines: Our favorite subscription services were run by wine experts, many of whom were sommeliers certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers. These experts were responsible for sampling and selecting the wines in each shipment, which helped assure us that we were tasting and learning about high-quality wines. Sommelier-selected wines generally fared better in our expert tasting and were accompanied by more extensive educational information. 
  • Transparently Sourced Wines with Clear Labeling: We preferred clubs that told us exactly where the wines came from. This transparency allowed us to learn more about specific wine-producing regions and individual vineyards, which informed our o...

Everything We Tested

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