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Quick Shine—Aerosol Spray For Bread

This product supposedly helps seeds stick to dough. Is it worth buying?

Published Jan. 1, 2007.

What You Need To Know

Quick Shine, an aerosol spray containing water, milk protein, canola oil, and stabilizers, purports to help toppings such as seeds stay stuck to bread dough once the loaf is baked. To find out how well it works, we made three loaves of Multigrain Bread, using water on one, Quick Shine on another, and a homemade "glue" of beaten egg and milk on the last loaf. We coated half of each loaf with oats and the other half with sesame seeds.

None of the oats and seeds had trouble sticking to the raw bread dough, and after the bread was finished baking, the loss of oats and seeds from the exteriors of all three loaves was equally minimal. So does Quick Shine work? Sure. But at $11.95 plus shipping for a 16-ounce can, we'll stick with water.

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