Pantry Items

26 Kitchen-Tested Ingredients

Crunchy Peanut Butter
From the EpisodeBrunch Favorites
Published: November 2018
Crunchy Peanut ButterBuy the Winner
From the EpisodeSpicing Up the Grill
Published: September 2017
TahiniBuy the Winner
Sherry Vinegar
From the EpisodeNew England Classics
Published: May 2016
Sherry Vinegar
Almond Butter
From the EpisodeThe Ultimate Sticky Buns
Published: July 2016
Almond ButterBuy the Winner
Vegetarian Broth
From the EpisodeVegetarian Essentials
Published: January 2015
Vegetarian BrothBuy the Winner
Red Wine Vinegar
Published: January 2011
Red Wine Vinegar
Beef Broth
From the EpisodeDutch Oven Classics
Published: January 2016
Beef BrothBuy the Winner
Hot Cocoa Mix
Published: February 2009
Hot Cocoa MixBuy the Winner
White Sandwich Bread
From the EpisodeChicken Kiev
Published: April 2006
White Sandwich Bread
Dry Vermouth
From the EpisodeChicken in a Pot
Published: November 2017
Dry Vermouth
From the EpisodeHearty Soups
Published: September 2002
SaltBuy the Winner
Jarred Medium Salsa
Published: August 2013
Jarred Medium SalsaBuy the Winner
Microwave Popcorn
Published: October 2008
Microwave Popcorn
Published: January 2019
VanillaBuy the Winner
Hot Sauce
Published: June 2018
Hot SauceBuy the Winner
Jarred Pasta Sauce
Published: February 2018
Jarred Pasta SauceBuy the Winner
Supermarket Honey
Published: August 2015
Supermarket HoneyBuy the Winner